• Sacred Sun goal is to provide to our customers battery with the best performance and quality, our products compliant with the international standards, such as DIN40742, DIN40744, IEC60896,IEC60742, Eurobat Guide, BS6290, JIS C8704.

  • DIN40744
    statement of OPzV 12V battery comply DIN40744
  • DIN40742
    statement of OPzV battery comply DIN40742
  • IEC60896-21/22
  • IEC61427
  • IEC61056
  • BS6290
    GFM-C BS6290 test report
  • BS6290
    FTB BS6290 test report
  • BS6290
    FTA BS6290 test report
  • JIS C8704-1/2
    FT JIS test report
  • Eurobat Guide
    Eurobat Guide