Off-Grid & Micro-Grid

Name: Off-grid new energy power plant

Introduction:The solution can be applied to the centralized power supply in remote areas without mains supply, adopt the renewable energy source wind and sunlight to generate power and battery is used for energy storage to achieve continuous power supply.


●The PV modules array adopts modular design, easily to increase capacity.

●Energy storage battery chooses the special battery developed by us aiming at the new energy application, the cycling performance is good under partial state of

charge, and operation environment temperature is wide.

●Serialized off-grid controllers, inverters, meet the customers’ requirement for different applications.

●Aiming at the characteristics of off grid power plant, our company independently developed monitoring system applied in off-grid power plant.


Name:Micro-grid new energy power station 

Introduction:This solution can be applied to distributed generation, off-grid generation, island isolated grid and other application fields, to achieve large-scale application of Wind, Solar and other renewable energy sources and supplying power with high reliability and performance


●Adopting micro-grid structure to achieve large-scale system building of Wind-Solar-Energy storage hybrid power plant, the system can be connected to the large grid or build grid network independently and run alone.

●Wind-Solar-Energy storage hybrid power plant reduces the dependence on fossil fuel, decrease carbon emission efficiently; it is beneficial for the environment protection and promotes harmony between man and nature.

●Adopting the lithium ion battery, lead-acid battery, FCP lead-carbon battery etc. different types of batteries hybrid energy storage structure, on the basis of controlling the system cost, give full play to the technological characteristics of different types of energy storage batteries

●Adopting the innovative technology to achieve Wind-Solar-Energy storage hybrid power plant builds the grid independently, the DG is not used as the voltage source (just used as backup power source) to reduce the energy consumption.