Sacred Sun Channel Commerce Conference 2019 (Beijing Station) was successfully held
Date : 2019-05-29

Sacred Sun Channel Commerce Conference 2019 (Beijing Station) was held in Beijing on May 24, 2019. The conference gathered more than 300 high-level power industry integrators, key mainframe customers and channel providers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, signed strategic cooperation agreements, and discussed and exchanged the cutting-edge technology of the power industry.

Sacred Sun Channel Commerce Conference 2019

At the meeting, Sacred Sun signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known data room and railway system integrators such as Changhong Jiahua, Zhixun Tiancheng, Sijian, Dinghan Technology, Tietong Kangda and awarded Beijing Bojington and Huarui Lianchang as senior agents in Beijing. Strategic partners highly recognize our products and services, and unanimously look forward to the future of cooperation with Sacred Sun. They are willing to cooperate with Sacred Sun more extensively and deeply in data center, rail transit and other market segments.

Sacred Sun Channel Commerce Conference 2019

Leading by experts from China Power Supply Society, UPS Application Magazine, Institute of Standards of Academy of Iron Sciences, China Data Center (GDCT), Taiji Computer, Jietong Wisdom, Tongfang Shares and China Building Materials, the large-scale data center industry integrator attended the meeting, which added luster to the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Sun Yang, Executive Editor-in-Chief of UPS Application Magazine. Mr. Zhang Guangming, Chairman of the Expert Committee of China Power Supply Society, and Mr. Lu Tian, Secretary-General of the Energy Conservation Committee of China Data Center made special speeches. The two experts shared the application of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries in the computer room of the data center and the current situation and opportunities of the development of the data center in 2019. The excellent speeches of the experts won strong resonance from the participants.

Sacred Sun Channel Commerce Conference 2019

Sacred Sun is focusing on customer needs, continuous innovation and continuous progress. According to the application conditions and customer needs, Sacred Sun launched new products such as high-power SPG series, long-life HRL series, pure lead HPPL series and front-terminal UPS-FTA Series for the data center, rail transit, high-power emergency reserve power market. 

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