Sacred Sun unveiled the Battery Show for the first time
Date : 2018-09-12
On September 11-13th, Sacred Sun is presenting the battery show, North America’s largest advanced battery technology event, in Novi, Michigan, USA. The Battery Show connects you with 8,000+ engineers and executives, and 600+ leading suppliers, across the advanced battery supply chain. A powerful, end-to-end showcase, this leading global industry event covers today's emerging advanced battery technology for the automotive, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications, and utility and renewable energy support sectors.

pure lead battery, lead carbon battery
Sacred Sun is showcasing the most promising lithium ion, the newly-developed thin plate pure lead (TPPL), the cutting-edge FCP lead carbon batteries used for telecommunications, UPS and renewable energy support sectors. Sacred Sun’s reliable batteries and cutting-edge technology are catching hundreds of visitors’ attention.

Sacred Sun will be honored to be powering global technologies!

pure lead battery, lead carbon battery

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