Sacred Sun Powers 2018 Spring Festival Gala in Qufu
Date : 2018-02-16

qufu spring festival gala

◢ Spring Festival Gala sub-venue in Qufu

Sacred Sun, one of the leading lead acid battery manufacturers in China, is the exclusive provider of UPS solution for 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Shandong Qufu sub-venue.

2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala has four difference sub-venues. Qufu city, the birthplace of Confucius and a tourist city with nearly five thousand years history, stood out from the numerous candidate cities and was voted as one of the sub-venues.

It is well known that the Spring Festival is the oldest and most eagerly anticipated festival for Chinese people. Chinese New Year's Eve, the most important night in the Chinese calendar, among the major events for Chinese people on this night is the over three-decade old Spring Festival Gala, hosted by CCTV. It will be telecast live via CCTV and most of China's provincial satellite channels for more than four hours.

ups supply system from sacredsun

◢ Sacred Sun's Power Supply System

To ensure the smooth running and offer audience a wonderful feast on Qufu sub-venue, Sacred Sun deployed 3 sets of UPS power supply systems among which 2 sets of 20KW systems for adjusting AC waveform of sound facilities and another set of 100KW system for live telecast systems. All of these systems utilize Sacred Sun SPG high-power valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. With high-purity raw materials and multiple independent patent technologies Sacred Sun SPG batteries have large current discharge performance, excellent reliability, and the designed life of 12 years at 25℃. 

sacredsun power supply meeting

◢ Sacred Sun Security Panel Meeting

A special security panel was formed and mobilized all elites to plan and meticulously deploy the power supply protection system for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. After a top-down analysis, on-site exploration and multiple rounds of field simulation tests, Sacred Sun team eventually developed a comprehensive, innovative and detailed power system security program and emergency plans.

power supply service

◢ Fine Service

With the first-class quality, excellent security and efficient systems, Sacred Sun has successfully completed the power protection tasks for 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Evening gala at Qufu sub-venue. Sacred Sun is already highly commended by CCTV live broadcast group and government leaders at all levels. Sacred Sun and all Chinese TV viewers in the world witness the uninterrupted applause and cheers at Qufu sub-venue and the joy and glory of the historical and cultural city of Qufu .

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