Pakistan Telenor BTS SWAP project

In 2012, we won the BTS SWAP project in Telenor Pakistan and signed 3 years contract. At the first phase project, we swapped 450 BTS sites and replaced old battery banks and cabinets with our OPzV 2V500AH battery and DC air-conditioner cabinet.

Indonesia PLTS off-grid power plants project

In 2012, we won Indonesia PLTS off-grid power plants project. Two off-grid solar power plants constructed by us with total capacity 600KWP located in Nusa Tenggara Timur province Indonesia. The two projects adopted 2500 pieces of PV panels and nearly 1000 pieces of OPzV 2000Ah batteries.

China Mobile South BTS IDC Computer Room Project

In 2011, we won the China Mobile south BTS IDC Computer Room project. Succefully supply models GFM-800 battery 7368 pcs,GFM-600 battery 3480 pcs, GFM-500 battery 5568 pcs,GFM-2000 battery 144 pcs.

Eurotunnel Project

In 2008, we won the Eurotunnel Telecom project through local partener, successfully supply models EHP2-200 960 PCS,EHP2-275 3240 PCS, EHP2-400 720 PCS. 

UK M&S Logistics Park Energy Storage Project

UK M&S Logistics Park 150kW Energy Storage Project
Application Type: Micro-grid energy storage
Brief introduction: 286 pcs FCP-1000 batteries per string,two strings in parallel, total capacity: 1144kWh, PV: 1MW
Launch time: July, 2016

Auderley distributed household system
Sacred Sun’s FCP lead carbon batteries made the unforgettable household bright, and successfully used in household energy storage system.
Power supply mode: photovoltaic + Battery + thermoelectric combination, no city power, if photovoltaic and battery appear insufficient power supply, thermoelectric joint start load supply, while charging the battery.