Dear business partner,

We sincerely like to thank you for your support and considerations.

We, Sacred Sun has always been and will be committed to an open, honest, fair and transparent win-win partnership with our customers while providing the highest standards of employment for our people. It is in this spirit that Sacred Sun does not allow our employees to accept or offer any forms of gifts including money, shopping cards, personal monetary and non-monetary favors or any other forms of dealings to even imply violation of our company values.

In order to safeguard the rights of both parties and maintain the mutual trust, we ask our customers to promptly report any of our employees’ behavior which may violate aforementioned standards of conduct.

You can use the following contact information to report any vilations.

Acceptance Department: Audit and Supervision Office

Report hotline: 0537-4438666


Address: Audit and Supervision Office, No. 1 Shengyang Road, Qufu City, Shandong Province, China

Postal Code:273100                                   

All reporting information is based on the principle of “permanent confidentiality and minimum scope of being informed”. During the investigation and evidence collection, the reporting company, informants, and the contents of the reports will be kept strictly confidential.

Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., ltd.